Topless Woman Steals the Stage During Avril Lavigne’s Speech

Lavigne ushered the streaker off the stage with expletives and a hand wave.

Avril Lavigne got a surprise visit from a fan while presenting musician AP Dhillon at the Juno Awards in Canada on Monday night. The “Sk8er Boi” singer was reading Dhillon’s introduction off the TV prompter when a woman jumped on stage, stripped down to her pants, and gave a shirtless performance of her own.

In a video posted to Twitter by Aaron Moy, the topless streaker prowls on stage while Lavigne’s back is to her. She then proceeds to strut the stage like it’s her runway. Meanwhile, Lavigne has no idea what’s going on behind her and continues on with her monologue.

It’s not until 15 seconds into the streaker’s catwalk that security swarms the stage and Lavigne becomes aware of her bare chested intruder.

“Get the f*** off,” Lavigne says to the topless woman in the clip. “Get the f*** off, b****!”

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The woman quickly goes into a Betty Boop pose with her butt towards Lavigne (is that a dig towards the “Complicated” singer?) before security escorts her off the stage. Fans cheer for the streaker’s dramatic exit, while Lavigne continues on with her speech reminding the crowd “this is [Dhillon’s] moment.”

Albeit, Lavigne has been having a moment of her own recently. The punk rock star was spotted getting hot and heavy with Tyga during Paris Fashion Week, just weeks following her shocking split from ex-fiancé Mod Sun.

Lavigne and Tyga were photographed sitting front row together at the Ottolinger show. Later that night the rumored duo seemingly confirmed their romance with a sexy makeout sesh outside the Mugler X Hunter Schafer party.

It’s unknown if the rapper was backstage at the Juno Awards supporting his new beau.

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