Avril Lavigne was hit with a wave of doppelgänger jokes (and a conspiracy theory)

Avril is dead — or at least that’s what one Brazilian blogger wants you to believe. In 2015, a Blogspot entitled “Avril is Dead” took the internet by storm, and in 2017 it’s rearing its ugly head once more. And now, thanks to the conspiracy, Avril is currently the butt of doppelgänger jokes. And lots of them.

Dun, dun, dun!

The princess of punk posted a photo to her Instagram and Twitter announcing that she’s back in the studio working on some new music. In the photo, her face is concealed and the photo is dark. That can only mean one thing. Avril is dead, and this shrouded being is her doppelgänger, Melissa Vandella!


Let’s back up a bit and let those who are confused catch up. The basis of the Avril is Dead conspiracy is that Avril ended her own life in the early 2000s after the death of her grandfather/release of her album Let Go.

But, as TeenVogue writes, because of Avril’s commercial success, she was replaced by actress and look-a-like, Melissa Vandella.


Avril’s most recent photo is only fueling the conspiracists’ fire. Almost all the comments and Twitter responses attached to the photo are about the Avril is Dead theory. false

We don’t know about you, but the “cry for help” tweet sent us spiraling.

Now, we are well aware that one can’t trust everything one reads on the internet. But there are some fairly compelling pieces of evidence that lead to the conclusion that Avril is Melissa.

OG Avril wore pants on the red carpet. Melissa wears dresses. Avril had the name Melissa written on her hand during a photoshoot. Avril has never spoke publicly about the theory. It’s all a bit suspicious.


This whole scenario is a “which witch is which?” situation gone awry. Can we say for sure that Avril Lavigne is dead? No. But we’ll have you know that we won’t rest until the truth is revealed!

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