Avocados are probably going to get way more expensive, and we can’t deal

Climate change is affecting the world around us. We already know to be wary of the temperature changes caused by climate change, but what about the food that we eat?

As reported by Uproxx, avocados are on their way to becoming a “luxury fruit,” aka, they will become much more expensive.

Rumors of an oncoming avocado shortage have been circulating ever since June (brought on by California's seemingly endless drought), but the latest Hass Avocado Board report on the matter says that avocados are especially vulnerable to temperature increases and water shortages.

The increase in popularity — hello, Pinterest food hacks and Chipotle guac — is also making this more of a concern. As it turns out, the average American has gone from eating 1.5 pounds of the fruit annually to 5 pounds — all in the last 25 years.


Exploited farmers below the Mexican border, where many of these popular fruits are grown, are also feeling the effects of both climate change and the hostile climate of being central in the cartel conflict.

So what can we do?

Well besides eating less avocados and raising awareness about the conditions that farmers have to face to produce this fruit, it’s important that we do what we can to decrease the effects of climate change on our daily lives.