Apparently you can keep avocados fresh for *six months* with this one cool trick

Avocados are truly a blessing bestowed onto this beautiful Earth by the food gods. They’re insanely tasty and wildly versatile, all while being super healthy — what’s not to love? Well, there’s *one* problem with them that all avocado lovers know: They don’t exactly last very long. We’ve all cut into an avocado only to see the dreaded brown insides. But MindBodyGreen has informed us of a very important trick that will get rid of avocado’s only downside. . . by enabling you to keep avocados fresh for ~six whole months~.

Next time you start to get worried about those avocados that are starting to get a little bit too soft, put them in the freezer. That’s right: You can freeze avocados and keep ’em nice and green. Think of all the avocados you can save for some delicious guac!

That said, don’t just chuck your avocados in the freezer — you need to do some preparation first. First, wash the avocado with the skin still on. Halve it and take the skin off. Now, you have a choice — if you want, you can puree the avocado by mashing it with either a fork or a food processor, then add a little lime, lemon juice, or white vinegar; place the mixture in a container and put it in the freezer.

If you’d prefer to keep the avocado whole, you can wrap the halves without the pit in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, put them in a container, and freeze them. Whether you decide to puree or just half them, make sure to date the containers, because they shouldn’t be kept in the freezer for over six months.

MindBodyGreen highlights that this method won’t keep them tasting *quite* as fresh or firm as an avocado you just bought at the grocery store a few days ago, but it’s still perfect for smoothies, guacamole, dressings, or other summery recipes. Oh, what a wonderful world.

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