Avocados Are a Scam

If you’ve perused pins on Pinterest in the past two years, you’ve noticed a sharp spike in the number of recipes and meals relying on avocados. While they’ve always been a sushi staple and a guacamole cornerstone, in recent months they’ve become a full-blown epidemic. A quick term search anywhere will yield results for avocado smoothies, avocado frosting, avocado pesto, avocado honey muffins, etc., etc.,

I’d like to go on record saying that AVOCADOS. ARE. A. SCAM.

Just hear my conspiracy theory out–I can appreciate wanting to expand the national palate and I recognize that avocados are a yummy and versatile food–what I’m failing to get is why all of a sudden we’re on it like GIFs on Tumblr. We want it on sandwiches. We want it on toast. We want it covered in eggs and smothered with cheese. We cannot get enough–and yet, there have been exactly zero breakthroughs scientifically on the avocado front. It’s not like we’re just now realizing you can mash it up and put it on your face or in your hair, babies have been doing that for presumably centuries. We didn’t discover any previously missed benefits to avocados. There are no super powers lying beneath its hunter green skin.

The real culprit here, and why this stone fruit has reached Miley-level infamy, is food marketingWe happen to be at the peak of the bell curve on avocado awareness, but this phenomenon has been seen in other foods as well. In the past few years, food marketing has made us hyper-aware of:

-Salted Caramel

Pumpkin Spice



and a million other previously-ignored food stuffs.

Clearly we’re being brainwashed by some avocado advertising. Where will it end? And what foods do you hope will become fads? Let me know!

Image courtesy of ItsAkilahObviousy.com