Avocado toast just got a *very* official definition, and we’re not so sure we agree with it

Linguists, logophiles, and Oxford comma-enthusiasts (yes, we exist) likely already know that the American Copy Editors Society conference occurred this past week. The conference is a pretty big deal, because it’s where the Associated Press dictates the proper usage (and existence) of words by news outlets that follow AP style, which is most in the United States. This year, the AP decided that “avocado toast” needed a specific definition because journalists are using it that often.

To which we say: Avoca-DUH! We can’t get enough of this delicious meal!

However, the AP’s addition of “avocado toast” to its signature Associated Press Stylebook is fraught with controversy, as its definition of avocado toast (which people feel very strongly about) is so specific. Borderline too specific, if you ask us.

Ready for it? The AP’s definition definition is officially:

"Toast spread with mashed avocado."

WHAT? Avocado toast is so much more than that limiting, specific, and often wrong definition!

Seriously, are they trying to tell us that toast with sliced avocado is not avocado toast?

They are eliminating some of the most delicious AVOCADO TOAST recipes by simplifying its amazing multifariousness! Like, what if the bread isn’t toasted and the avocado isn’t mashed and there is cheese on it? What do we call it then, word police of America?

While the recognition of avocado toast as a culinary delicacy by the official arbiters of proper English grammar is nice, we’re not so sure that this is the recognition it deserves.

OK, OK, we need to calm down. This is all too much.

On a more positive note, avocado toast is only the second toast-based dish that’s ever been added to the Associated Press Stylebook (French toast being the first), which is pretty exciting for toast in general and gives us hope for the future of ricotta toast.

And for all the sliced-avocado toast eaters out there: We see you and we honor your definition of avocado toast. Slice on!