Avocado toast chocolate is a thing, because…millennials

When it comes to food trends, few things go together quite like millennials and avocados. The creamy, green fruit has been all over our social media feeds pretty much since we snapped our very first Insta selfies. And even though we know the avocado craze has its fair share of critics (like the guy who claimed avocado toast is why millennials aren’t buying houses), we just can’t quit them.

If you’re unabashedly in love with avocado toast and are looking for new ways to enjoy the healthy and delicious brunch staple, you’re going to freak out over Compartés Chocolatier’s new limited-edition California avocado toast chocolate bars, which were (of course) dreamed up in Los Angeles, the unofficial HQ for all things avocado.

The brand new bars combine white chocolate blended with avocados and “crunchy bits of caramelized toast,” and this sounds like the sweet treat we never knew we needed.

These bars might not carry the same health halo that plain ol’ avocados do, but we think they sound like a perfect cure for those mid-afternoon snack attacks (and will still look great on our Insta pages). If you want to snag a bar of your own, you can head to one of Compartés’ two store locations, both in Los Angeles. Not an Angeleno? The company also offers worldwide delivery, so no avocado lover gets left behind.

At just under $10 a bar, we say treating yourself has never looked so sweet. If you’re into chocolate but sick of avocado (no shame!), Compartés has no shortage of other unique and trendy chocolate goodies, including a gourmet coconut milk chocolate bar and a limited-edition pink rosé chocolate bar. No filter necessary on these beauties.