Millennials are using avocados to propose in this really adorable way

It’s no secret that millennials love their avocados. From avocado toast, to avocado socks, to avocado chocolate, we will make anything avocado-related a thing. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that people are now trying to make the avocado proposal happen. It may sound kind of…strange. But it’s actually a lot cuter than you think.

According to Refinery 29, the latest engagement trend started when Instagram account @FoodDeco posted a photo of a diamond engagement ring a few days before Valentine’s Day. Instead of showing the ring inside a typical engagement ring box, though, it was carefully placed inside a halved avocado.

The Instagram account captioned the photo with, “Tag someone who should propose like this.”

As you would expect, the comments were a mixed bag. Some loved the idea and praised it for its creativity. “Nothing would make me happier than someone putting a ring in an avocado and proposing to me!” one commenter wrote.

Others weren’t as on board with the idea, calling it “ridiculous and dumb.” A writer from the Boston Globe called it the “latest disturbing food trend,” and Gabrielle Paiella from The Cut wrote, “We don’t need to make avocado proposals a thing.”

What do you think?

It’s definitely a creative way to propose. But here’s a pro-tip: avocados oxidize pretty much immediately (meaning they’ll turn a bit brown), so you might want to spray yours with some kind of sealant before hiding a diamond ring inside.

As of now, the avocado proposal is still a ~rising~ trend, meaning not hugely widespread yet. So as much as people are talking about it, you can still consider yourself an early adopter if you jump on the bandwagon now. Millennials may love avocados a lot, but it’s hard to say if it will actually become a thing. After all, it’s not like people haven’t hidden engagement rings in other types of food before.

So if you and your partner are huge avocado lovers, this is definitely a creative way to incorporate that into your relationship.