Avocado lattes are a thing, and we’ll admit we’re intrigued

This just in: Avocado lattes are a thing. We were intrigued, as we love avocado ice cream, and avocado mayo, and smoothies and gelato. But then we learned that this mashup of things we loveour favorite savory fruit with espresso and milk – is not combined in the way we’d imagined.

Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia is offering a latte served inside half an avocado. Called an “avolatte”, the barista makes her little swirly espresso and milk design right there, in the avocado pit-bowl. And then you drink it.

Buzzfeed confirmed that avocado Lattes are an actual menu item – not some hideous, 2017-appropriate joke.

The internet, naturally, freaked out.


We had to know what or who, in Mother Earth’s name, was to blame for this audacity.

The answer is: Millennials.

In a recent episode of the Australian 60 Minutes, developer Tim Gurner, 35, chastised today’s up-and-comers for their irresponsible spending habits.

"When I was buying my first home, I wasn't buying smashed avocado for 19 bucks and four coffees at $4 each," he said.

We’re not shocked, honestly, that critics leapt on Gurner’s statements, citing other, perhaps more likely reasons Millennials are not yet entering the housing market – like prohibitive prices.

Truthfully, whatever the millionaire class thinks of Millennials, we have decided two things: First, we don’t care. Second, we’re up for even more avocado experimentation. GO NUTS, KIDS.

Naturally, we’re fascinated by this story. To be honest, we would gladly spend one of our supposedly $5 house payments on an avocado-flavored latte. So, hey, anyone? Wanna make that for us?