Finally, an avocado emoji is here, and we already can’t remember how we lived without it

Talking about avocados is something we never grow tired of, and thanks to the arrival of an avocado emoji (finally!), all those convos we have about our obsession with the green fruit can simply be summed up in a single character. According to Marie Claire, Apple’s iOS 10.2 launch on Monday is responsible for bringing forth the long-awaited emoji.

Honestly, can you blame us for wondering WTF took so long? In 2016 alone, we’ve been blessed with avocado burger buns, an avocado nail trend, an even a guacamole-themed restaurant in New York City, which all serve as ultimate proof that avocados truly are magical foods that bring joy and wonder to the lives they touch — except for this lone baby who hates avocados, but whatevs.

Anyway, we vow to rock with avocados ’til they day they D-I-E, which means we’re currently texting, tweeting and Snapchatting everyone we know with the new avocado emoji like:

While the avocado emoji is absolutely wonderful news that we’ll be celebrating every time we eat one (in other words, ALL DAY, every day), we’d be remiss if we didn’t give some shine to other new food emojis to come from this latest update. According to Eater, we now also have a bacon emoji (*fist pumps*), along with “pancakes, stuffed flatbread, paella, cucumber (or pickle), potato, kiwi, peanut, egg, salad, carrot, croissant, and baguette.”

At the risk of sounding like whiny, first world problem-riddled brats, we honestly have no idea how we’ve managed to survive this long without this avocado emoji, but we are beyond grateful to finally have it.