Avocado chocolate is here, so our foodie dreams are officially real

A sudden urge to scream joyfully has come over us, and you might’ve guessed that it has everything to do with the existence of avocado….chocolate. As in, together! Someone delved into our sweetest dreams and brought them to life because avocado chocolate bars have arrived. GAH, we know where ALL of our money is going.

As The Independent reports, Los Angeles-based chocolatier Compartés has #blessed the world with this most wondrous fruit and chocolate combination. The bars cost $10 each, and while some might think this avocado recipe is going TOO far, we won’t even hear of such a thing.

The gourmet chocolate shop collaborated with the California Avocado Commission to create this new delish-sounding treat, which, as Food & Wine points out, means the avocados are organic and harvested from sustainable farms.

As for the actual bar, it comes in this snazzy wrapper.

And it’s made from avocado and white chocolate. *drools*


YUM and yes. Like, we never thought we’d see the day when some exquisite edible offering could come along and instantly heighten our obsession with avocados. How is this even real life right now? Never say never, people!

Anyway, if you’re looking to get your paws on as many of these avochocolate bars as your stomach can stand, you can either pick some up at Compartés in LA or check out their online shop (which we are perusing right damn now) to purchase the new sweet green bars, as well as some of their other mouthwatering options.