There’s a new average wedding dress cost, and it should make future brides very happy

Some brides prefer to spend as little as possible on their wedding day frocks, but according to the average wedding dress cost, spouses-to-be are still dropping some pretty substantial cash on their nuptial fashions.

While there’s no shortage of people interested in list of affordable wedding dresses, a recent survey conducted by online retailer Lyst reveals the median cost of wedding dresses to be $998, Allure reports.

If that figure terrifies you (and your bank account), here’s the bright side: It’s actually lower than last year’s median cost of $1,334. That’s not to suggest that average wedding dress costs are dirt cheap, but they have come down a bit, so hooray for having to face one less meltdown-inducing detail prior to the arrival of your big day.

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To arrive at their results, researchers relied on qualitative surveys from 100 brides and compiled data from searches on Lyst’s website and sales from more than 12,000 of the retailer’s partner brands. The bottom line? Even though they’re willing to shell out some serious cash for designer shoes (nearly the same amount as they spend on their dresses), brides are paying less for wedding gowns overall, and we’re pretty sure there are hordes of newly engaged people out there hoping this trend continues.

Everyone knows that wedding planning can be stressful AF, and the last thing a bride wants to be frazzled about is not having the budget for a decent dress that satisfies all the criteria.

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This is why we will continue to be so appreciative of brands like Topshop, H&M, and Reformation for releasing affordable bridal lines that have runway appeal without the high-fashion price tags.