This is what an average person from all of the “Game of Thrones” houses would look like

Part of the fun of watching Game of Thrones (other than, of course, epic battles and constant surprises) is watching each of the dramatically different Great Houses interact with each other. And while it’s obvious their personalities and lifestyles are all completely different (not to mention their environments), they do always seem to at least have similar looks to other members of their house.

Well, now the people are Rise Digital have composited all the faces of each character in each of the Great Houses together so you can see generally what each one looks like. And it’s pretty fascinating.View post on

Looking at each of these faces you can definitely pick out which characters each one looks like. Obviously House Targaryen looks extremely similar to Daenerys (which makes sense since she’s one of the only Targaryens we currently know about). But even in her composite, there are hints of her late Brother and even a bit of the young Mad King we saw in a recent flashback.

House Stark and House Lannister have two of the most interesting faces. You can see parts of lots of different Starks and Lannisters we’ve met in little details throughout the composite. The whole work is totally imaginative and completely mesmerizing to look at. Though, to be fair, there’s a lot of overlap in the backstories and intermarriage of each of these houses so it makes sense that some of them don’t look all that distinct from the others.

After all, does Jon Snow belong in House Stark or House Targaryen? And what about Tyrion Lannister? And how is it possible that House Frey still manages to look super shady even in composite form?

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