The average American has sex about once per week, according to this survey

When it comes to the average American, their sex life could be a mystery. We’re not exactly sure what a “normal” sex life is. In fact, we’re so out of the loop about what’s normal that we’re not even sure how many times we should be masturbating a week.

But luckily, from questions about masturbation to finding out what is a healthy sex life for a new relationship, studies are coming out to tell us what is “normal.” And Lifehacker is putting them all together for us.

First of all, the average American is having sex about once a week.

Life isn’t all Sex and the City.

Television shows and movies have shown us that having sex multiple times a week is more normal than not. Many people probably think a once a week batting average isn’t exactly normal. Well, it’s more normal than you’d think.

The average American adult has sex about 60 times per year.

Hear that, folks? The average American adult clocks in at a little over once a week. We bet birthdays and holidays help bring it up from the once a week average. Additionally, there are many people who are having sex less frequently than once a week, so don’t worry if you’re having sex less or more frequently than the average!

Another study asked about losing your virginity. The average was age 17, but around 30% of people lose their virginity after their teens are over.

So go out there and enjoy your sex life without worrying about if you’re normal. These polls show that there’s a huge range of what people actually do in bed, so as long as you’re happy, you’re good!

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