Today in celebrity fantasies: Our dream ‘Avengers’ couple might be together IRL

Is love in the Asgardian air? It looks like the answer is yes, so you might want to sit down for a second to hear this big news. According to US Weekly, two of our favorite Avengers have paired off. And, well, one of them isn’t exactly an Avenger, seeing as how it’s Loki. As in, Tom Hiddleston. As in, our collective Internet boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston.

Even though you might already be crying silent tears over this news, the other half of this brand new couple is just as amazing: it’s Elizabeth Olsen! As in, younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Also, brand new Avenger, Scarlet Witch. Which boils down to, Loki and Scarlet Witch?? Yeah, we like the sound of that.

The two did not “reportedly” find love in a Marvel world (seeing as how they’ve never shared Avengers screen-time together), but rather on the set of the new Hank Williams biography, I Saw The Light. Hiddleston plays country music legend, Williams, and Olsen his wife, Audrey Mae. Just imagine the two of them on this set being like, “OMG, You squared off with Thor before? Me too!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

And, also just to like, Avengers nerd-out for a second, in the comics Loki and Scarlet Witch actually team up. OK, maybe not so much “team up” but rather Loki pretends to impersonate Scarlet Witch, and causes all sorts of havoc, and does all sorts of Loki stuff and destroys things, and then she at one point banishes him… but that’s neither here nor there. Rather, this real-life maybe coupling could simply be FATE intertwined with DESTINY, in a cool fandom world.

So yes, it does sting to have to say goodbye to the great Hiddleston love we all hold in our hearts. But seriously, who better for our guy than an AVENGER? Can’t think of anyone else.

Images via YouTube and Giphy.

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