A high school student plans to skip her senior prom to see “Avengers: Infinity War,” because *priorities*

Of all the rites of passage in which high school students are expected to partake, prom might be the most important one. Senior prom is often portrayed as the culmination of one’s entire adolescence, an experience nobody should miss. That’s not the case for one high-schooler, though, whose text to her boyfriend suggesting they skip the dance to see Avengers: Infinity War opening weekend has gone viral.

Honestly, we can totally understand this. We’d even venture to guess that anyone who has been to their senior prom or seen the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War (or both) would probably be behind this cool AF decision.

In almost every high school movie, prom looks like a night to remember, when the “nice guy” finally gets the “popular girl.” Those movies, though, usually glorify what almost always turns out to be a disappointing night. How could something so hyped-up not disappoint you, really? That’s not to say everyone should start skipping prom, but in this case, Avengers: Infinity War clearly takes priority.

The high-schooler’s unconventional plans for prom night gained attention when a Reddit user, who appeared to be her boyfriend, shared a screenshot of their text messages. The post was titled “GF suggested we go see Infinity War instead of her senior prom. Obviously she’s the best.”

If Twitter is any indication, people are definitely *here* for her preference for Avengers: Infinity War over prom.

Whoever this girl is, she definitely knows how to have a good time. We’d kind of like to tag along for the movie, too.

"My parents want me to go to prom but I don’t really wanna go to prom. I’d really rather just dress up and take the pictures and go see a movie with you instead. Would you wanna do that?" she asked her BF.

Honestly, getting dressed up and seeing Avengers: Infinity War during opening weekend really does sound like the best idea ever.

To the high-schooler who plans to see a superhero movie instead of going to prom, we salute you.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters on Friday, April 27th. We’d recommend buying your tickets in advance.

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