“Avengers: Infinity War” may introduce a new character and we are INTRIGUED

The upcoming Avengers: Infinity War may be introducing a new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to The Indian Express, brothers and co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo have hinted that there may be a new character or two added to the mix, even though the films already feature a large amount of players.

“We already have our hands full trying to tell the story we have without pre-existing characters,” Anthony Russo said.

“Anthony would probably die from exhaustion if we introduced another character,” remarked his brother Joe, to which Anthony added: “That’s not to say we’re not going to introduce a new character.”

On whether or not this new character is recently cast Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Anthony Russo would not confirm, instead saying “That’s one we’re going to have to plead the fifth on.”

While it’s the most likely addition, there’s always a chance that the new character will be a total surprise; after all, production for Avengers: Infinity War isn’t set to begin until later this year and we don’t truly know what the script by writing team Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely could contain.

Either way, the film will be released in May of 2018 while its sequel — which was originally planned to be part two of the Infinity War — will be released a year later. According to SlashFilm, Joe Russo has said Disney will reveal the title of the fourth Avengers film, but not for “quite some time.”

Pardon us while we process that information…


…okay we’re back, and we’ll try to manage. If nothing else, there is (potentially) another good development: the Russo brothers are all for Anna Kendrick as Squirrel Girl(!)

Joe Russo even commented, “It would be perfect casting, and we’re huge Anna Kendrick fans.”

While it’s TBD as to whether Squirrel Girl will actually appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rumors have swirled since 2014 when Marvel’s trademark filings hinted that the character might be in consideration.

Squirrel Girl is an awesome character, so it would be great to have her appear in the universe and maybe helm her own film next to Captain Marvel and (please, one day, please) Black Widow. Who knows? Maybe this new character the Russo brothers hinted at will give us a clue as to where the MCU is headed next!