This ‘Avengers’/’Full House’ mashup proves that superheroes have the best smiles

While we’re still fawning over the idea of an Avengers and Star Wars crossover, one super creative fan decided to give us something we didn’t know we needed: a mashup of Avengers and Full House.


Sure, it’s an unlikely combination, but that’s what makes it so brilliant. So don’t diss it ’til you’ve seen it because it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Using still shots and clips from the Marvel movie franchise, YouTuber zach offers us a glimpse at what it would be like if superheroes stood around smiling all day instead of stopping evil forces.

Seriously, everywhere you look, there’s a face…of somebody cheesing SO hard (save an angsty, contemplative expression or two).


One would think superheroes would be stressed out all the time, but this clip immediately dismisses that theory.

Watch it below and practice your best goofy superhero smile: