This “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Honest Trailer just said everything we never even knew we were thinking

It’s no secret that the last few Avengers movies have made some serious bank. Not only do they feature top-notch actors, the action is nothing for us to sneeze at, either. If the Avengers aren’t helping stop an alien invasion, they’re fighting each other over moral responsibilities. Basically, the Avengers movies are pretty awesome — but no matter how cool the CGI is, sometimes the movie doesn’t live up to the hype. And this Avengers: Age of Ultron Honest Trailer just said everything we were thinking.

When it comes to the huge blockbuster action movies that are a franchise staple, many directors would crumble under the pressure. Joss Whedon had a lot on his plate, and maybe that’s why the movie felt a little heavy. It was good, we can’t deny that, but there were a few things that we wished were different. And lucky for us, the hilarious geniuses behind Honest Trailers said it all out loud.


At the end of the day, The Avengers movies are a spectacle. We go there to watch mind-blowing action sequences and snappy dialogue from heroes wearing capes. Can we really complain over small plot inconsistencies and overly explanatory conversations? Not every movie can be perfect. But these films came super close.

We’ll keep on dreaming of that perfect superhero film!