Here’s exactly how many avocados the avocado restaurant is going through in a week

You think YOU eat a lot of avocados? This all-avocado restaurant in New York City has you beat, hands down. Since their opening last month, the Brooklyn-based Avocaderia is burning through a boatload of those little green gems. Because they only offer avocado-based menu items, you can imagine they would need a lot of avocados!

In fact, they go through 25 cases of avocados a week. That’s 650 pounds! And that count only includes a Monday through Friday schedule. They are hoping to expand their hours later this month. And that would drive the per week order up to 40 cases a week.

Avocado lovers maybe feeling a little bit of sticker shock right now. And you might be wondering about the sustainability of such an idea, giving the current global circumstances.  The avo shortage has been driving prices up for months, making avocados hard to come by in some regions. The folks over at Avocaderia are keenly aware of the crisis, and are taking all factors into account.

They told Gothamist that they source their avocados from “a consortium of local farmers” in Mexico, and that the farmers treat both their workers and the environment with respect.

The shortage hasn’t slowed them down one bit, either. They are enjoying more success now than ever before.

With items ranging from Mediterranean Toast to the Avoburger, folks are turning out in droves. They report a line out the door every day they’re open. Hence the need for 650 pounds of avocados a week.

Co-owner Alessandro Biggi told Gothamist, "To be entirely honest, we had no idea that we would become so popular this quickly! We always anticipated that people would come to Avocaderia but never imagined that these kind of crowds would be turning up."

The insane demand led to a bit of a crisis in the early days, causing the spot to run out of their main ingredient.  The restaurant was so busy on their opening day, it only took three hours for them to run completely out.

They’ve obviously worked those kinks out, and have readjusted their inventory to accommodate the scads and scads of folks wanting to chow down on their product! Because everybody loves a yummy, avocado-based snack.