Your dreamy DIY fall accessory: An autumn leaf crown

Flower crowns are wonderful. Whether they’re made with fresh flowers or fabric blooms, they add the perfect romantic touch to any outfit. But who says flowers need to have all of the attention in the accessories world? Autumn leaves are every bit as colorful and dramatic, and just as inspirational!

Celebrate fall leaves with this quick and easy DIY crown. You can arrange the leaves as shown to create a tiara effect, or use smaller leaves for a subtler look. Whatever way you choose to craft, you’ll end up with a pretty accessory that’s sure to turn some heads!


  • Faux gold leaves
  • Leather cording in three neutral colors
  • Gold thread
  • Basic sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Craft away:

  • Measure around your head from the crown to the top of your neck, where you would tie a headband.
  • Knot together three pieces of leather cording, leaving a 6-inch tail. Braid the cording until it’s the same length as the measurement you just took. Knot the cording again, and trim it to leave another 6-inch tail.
  • Separate the leaves from their branches. Keep a short stem at the end of each leaf.
  • Cut a couple of feet of thread and fold it in half, then thread the needle and tie a knot.
  • Place the leaves on the braided leather cording, slipping the stems of the leaves in between the pieces of leather. Start with a large leaf in the center of the cording, and place leaves that decrease in size on either side of it. Five to seven leaves should be enough to cover the headpiece.
  • Stitch the leaves in place using the needle and thread. Make small, looping stitches that go through the leather and the base of the leaves.
  • When you’ve finished attaching all of the leaves, trim any remaining ends of thread.
  • To wear the crown, tie the leather cording around your head.
  • Enjoy!
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