These 43 Fall Nail Art Ideas Are a Fun Way to Transition Into the Season

Bring on the apple cider and pumpkin picking!

This summer was all about wearing fun, bright colors through our clothing and makeup choices. Now, as the weather gets cooler and we head into fall, though, we’re starting to lean back into neutral, warm-toned hues to celebrate the start of the season. If you’re not fully ready to do the infamous closet swap where you trade in your crop tops for your oversized sweaters, and easy way to transition into the season is by switching up your manicure. Autumn-inspired nails are a cute and fun way to say hello to a new season.

If you need some inspiration, we’ve found some of the most amazing autumn-inspired nails, and they’re giving us all the fall feelings. Keep scrolling for 43 fall nail art ideas that you can bring to your next appointment.

1. French swirls

Adding a brown swirly design in the middle of a French manicure will instantly make it more festive for the season.

2. Checkered French tips

Abstract takes on a French manicure is very on trend this season. We love this brown and white checkered version that reminds us of our favorite fall fabrics.

3. Mix and match

Why settle for one design when you can choose multiple for a cool, eccentric manicure? Make it feel more fall-inspired by choosing neutral, warm-toned hues.

4. Fall confetti

Spice up your manicure by getting this confetti-inspired design made with all of the earthy tones we see in the fall. It’s playful and a fun DIY project as it doesn’t require any precise placement of the dots.

5. Matte swirls

Swirly manicures will continue to be a big trend this fall. A simple way to make your nail art stand out from the crowd is to make it matte.

6. Speckled French manicure

Upgrade your nude manicure by incorporating a speckled detail at the tips. The precision of the dots may take the help of a professional, but the results are worth it.

7. Tortoise shell

Tortoise shell nails are a staple fall manicure that’s Instagram-worthy.

8. Leafy acrylics

Embrace the changing of leaves by getting them on your acrylic manicure. You can either choose to commit to a full set with the design or mix it up with matte brown accent nails.

9. Halloween nails

If your favorite part of the fall season is Halloween, rest assured you can start celebrating early with festive nail art.

10. Fall blues

If you enjoy wearing color on your nails, instead of leaning towards vibrant and light summery colors, opt for deeper hues. This rich royal blue French manicure is a great example of how to make the color feel trendy in the cooler months.

11. Chocolate nails

This milk chocolate manicure is a great reminder that sometimes less is more.

12. Autumnal hues

When you can’t choose one color, we say pick them all. Make your manicure extra fall-inspired by choosing a warm-toned hue for each nail.

13. Spooky flames

These matte nude nails with orange tips and black designs are a subtle and cute nod to Halloween without feeling childish.

14. Check mate

Get in touch with your inner Queen’s Gambit with these checkered brown nails. Bonus points if you add an unexpected smile design as a statement nail.

15. Metallic mani

If matte or glossy nails aren’t your thing, try gold metallic nails.

16. Leopard tips

Fall means it’s time to break out all of your animal prints in your wardrobe and on your nails. This leopard print French nail art is a stunning way to incorporate it into your manicure.

17. Burgundy bliss

Deep brick tone reds and burgundy colors are a great way to transition from summer to fall. Take it one step further by adding abstract nail art on one or two nails for a beautiful mani moment.

18. Fall classics

When it comes to nail art, there are no rules. It’s all about getting creative and showcasing your individuality. What better way to do that than to include a different nail trend on each nail? From cow print to checkers and swirls, it’s all about self-expression.

19. Ombré nails

While warm tones are huge during the fall, you can still rock cool colors if that’s your style. Try getting a cool-toned ombré manicure that’ll transition beautifully from fall to winter.

20. Clear fall acrylics

Clear acrylic nail designs are all over our Instagram feeds. If you want to try the trend for yourself, get a fall-inspired nail design, like these leaves, and let the compliments roll in.

21. Tiny florals

If you’re a minimalist, tiny designs are a great way to dabble in fun nail art without feeling overwhelming. Try small floral shapes on a nude base for a simple take.

22. Plaid nails

Plaid and flannel prints are a no-brainer for fall. Rest assured, plaid nails will look just as good as any clothing piece with the same design.

23. 3D acrylics

Just because fall colors may lean more neutral doesn’t mean your manicure has to fade into the background. Stand out of the crowd by adding rhinestones to an otherwise basic fall manicure.

24. Naked nails

Fall is all about starting fresh for the season, which can apply to your nails. If your nails need a break from summer’s vibrant nail art, try getting a sheer, nude manicure, which is the perfect reset.

25. Flowers in fall

Need some more glitz and glamour in your life? Get a floral fall manicure with all the fixings, including glitter, gemstones, a matte finish, and pointed acrylics.

26. Stitch work

How cute is this orange French manicure with black stitching? Halloween, we’re ready for you.

27. Forest green

Something about a forest green manicure just feels right for autumn.

28. Cafe con leche

One of the best parts of fall is all of the yummy drinks and desserts. Pay homage to a classic beverage—cafe con leche—via your manicure with this beautiful brown and white design.

29. 70s meets fall

The ’70s made a big comeback this summer, and the trend is still going strong in the fall. Get into it by going for retro-inspired nail art made of different shades of brown.

30. Abstract fall nails

Sometimes designs that don’t have any rhyme or reason are the prettiest. We love this abstract manicure with the perfect fall color palette.

31. Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice and everything nice is this season’s motto. Recreate fall nail art that takes inspiration from the coveted autumnal drink.

32. Ghouls ‘n ghosts

It doesn’t get cuter than hand-painted ghosts, spider webs, and ice cream on your manicure. It’s our Disney-meets-Halloween dream come true.

33. Half ‘n half

Painting your nails two different colors split vertically down the middle is untraditional, but we’re into it for fall.

34. Snake tips

These snakeskin tips made out of different warm-toned hues are both cool and edgy.

35. Witch nails

Sometimes a plain black manicure sets the vibe for Halloween better than any spooky design ever could.

36. Ombré tips

Into the ombré design, but don’t want to wait around for a full set? Keep the ombré on the tips of your nails for an unexpected French manicure.

37. Coffin red nails

Your nail shape can also pay tribute to fall and Halloween. Try getting a coffin shape, which is squared off at the top and stunning.

38. Horizontal stripes

Pick your two favorite fall colors and recreate this horizontal nail art. It’s geometric and easy to DIY.

39. Smokey tips

These smoking tips are cool—and creepy, but in the best way possible.

40. Marble nails

Marble nails consisting of fall colors are elegant and beautiful. They’ll be great for special occasions, like Thanksgiving.

41. Gray tips

Gray nails don’t have to be boring or basic. Try getting a gray French manicure for a chic fall look.

42. Golden outlines

These faint golden outlines are subtle and gorgeous.

43. Reverse French manicure

A reverse French manicure is essentially getting the accent color at the base of the nail instead of on the tips. Get creative this season with your favorite autumnal colors.

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