This video of a 2-year-old autistic boy totally falling in love with Snow White at Disney World will hit you in the feels

Grab some tissues, guys. Because you’re going to need them.

Our hearts are absolutely melting over a new video posted to YouTube yesterday of an adorable 2-year-old boy named Jack falling in love with Snow White. In the video’s caption, Jack’s mom writes, “He was having nothing to do with any of the characters on our Disney vacation in November. You see, he has autism and is non-verbal. He is on the shy side with people he does not know. THEN… he met Snow White.”

BOOM. It was complete and total love at first sight. Jack is enamored with Snow White. He smiles like crazy as he gazes into her eyes and basically melts into a love-puddle. At one point, he even drops his head into her lap. And did we mention that he’s dressed as Disney’s Pinocchio? He totally is, and our hearts can’t handle this level of epic cuteness. We can’t. We just can’t.


Jack’s mom says she’s “cried 1000 tears” watching Jack interact with Snow White. We totally get it. So. Many. Feels.

Take a look at the video below. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

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