Why this picture of a barber cutting an autistic boy’s hair is going viral

Getting a haircut can be anxiety-inducing when you’re a little kid, and even more so if you’re a little kid living with autism.

That was the case for Mason, a 3-year-old boy with autism. Mason is so afraid, in fact, that British barber and Jim the Trim owner James Williams had been trying for a month to give Mason a haircut to no avail. That is until he figured out that he needed to get on Mason’s level.

In a now-viral post shared on Facebook, Williams revealed that he was finally able to cut Mason’s hair by silently laying on the ground while the little boy played games.

“I went on the floor as I found that’s where he always wanted to be. He played on his father’s phone, watched random programs and that entertained him,” Williams told People. “So I thought let’s join him and lay with him and see if it works.”

Since Tuesday, James’ story has appeared  in publications in every corner of the world from Brazil to Indonesia and Germany. The lesson? Patience is key with special needs children and it really can pay off.

“[When I was done] I asked for a high 5, he hugged me,” wrote Williams. “True barber love!!” 

[Images via Facebook]