Why Can’t I Stop Hating People From Middle School?

I’ve never been to therapy, so like, how much would I need to stop actively…


No More Facebook Photos: Is My Youth Ending?

I’ve been looking through ShutterStock photos of “old ladies” for 35 minutes. I’m just in…


Every Year, I’m Passing the Anniversary of My Death

Every year without knowing it, I have passed the anniversary of my death.  WHOA THIS…


Real Friendship Is Being Able to Call Someone Until They Answer

If I have to tell you something and you are my real friend, I will call you…


Who Do You Blame When You Can’t Blame Your Parents?

See that cute little teeny tiny baby? That baby doesn’t know ANYTHING yet. You could…


I’d Break Up With You For Reversing Into a Parking Spot

I wrote this intro (see below re: narcissism) last week – and decided to leave…


The Idea of Dating a Stranger is Scary Because YOU’RE DATING A STRANGER!


Green Your Life #GreenGuru

Rozzi and I were both raised in the Bay Area, a very, very “green” place….


Item of the Day: Now This News

I’ve had an iPhone since 2007 and I’ve only ever used two apps: Instagram and…


Hamlet The Tripod LOVES Vampire Weekend…And So Should You

I didn’t grow up with pets, so I didn’t know that this (“this” being animals…


Middle School: It Isn’t Funny

My mom just forwarded me an email from my middle school that blew my mind….


Gallery1988 & HelloGiggles present “Young Adult”

LA readers!! We are so excited about our first collaboration with the amazing Gallery1988! Our…


Justin Timberlake & Destiny’s Child Announce New Music!

Yesterday was a great day – HUGE! It was so amazing and huge and exciting…


Shaping Up With Chloe & Zoe – “Pilot”

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S, EVERYONE! Let’s kick 2013 off right, with some New Year’s resolutions…OKAY?! Everyone…