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These gay teens had the perfect prom and we love it

Every dreamy, perfect prom has pretty much the same sequence of events: swoon-worthy asking-to-prom moment,…

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These reimagined villainness and superheroine drawings have amazing style

When we first saw Jiji’s Superheroine Retro Chic and her Supervillainess Retro Chic Noir series…


This modern dating / Disney mashup is hilarious

Ben Zaehringer is the creator of Berkeley Mews, a hilarious webcomic that often spoofs pop…

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Flipagram’s new update lets you make your own music video on your phone

Flipagram has released a new feature that lets you lip sync to tons of songs…

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One Direction just set six world records

One Direction, four boys, six world records. The world’s judgiest organization (in a good way),…

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My younger sister knows more than I do: an older sister’s confession

Sisters are often our best friends; friends are like sisters that we get to choose. If you…

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A graduating up book list: New recommendations based on your old faves

As we head into the new school year, it’s easy to feel like the time…

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Lies the media and grown-ups tell you about high school

I’ve never understood how some adults don’t seem to have any memory of being a…

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This dog is afraid of carpet so hopefully that puts your day in perspective

Sometimes, facing your fears can really mean, well, not facing them. This smart pup knows…

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Trans teen Jazz Jennings opens up about cruel commenters— and staying strong in spite of them

Jazz Jennings has been in the spotlight almost her whole life. The 14-year-old had her…

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5 things we want from Justin Bieber’s new album

Here’s the deal: Justin Bieber’s new album is dropping on November 13, according to Billboard….


A hero is rising in this new ‘Supergirl’ trailer

We’ve been pretty excited about the new Supergirl series from CBS ever since it was first announced….


This movie will change the fashion industry — if it can just get made

I am a plus-size person. This is not a judgment or a self-criticism or a…


These 3D printed dresses are mind-blowing

When Danit Peleg set out to create her senior collection in Fashion Design, she knew that…

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Movie adaptations that were better than the book (yes, really)

It’s a refrain you’ve heard many times in the popcorn-littered lobby of a theater as…

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Pixar just dropped a new trailer for ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and we can’t wait

I swear, Pixar, you’re really pushing the limit. I know you want to make me…

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The VMA nominations are in!

Extra, extra, the Video Music Award nominations are in and boy, the papers are rolling…

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These are the TV ladies I want to be when I grow up

If Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s classic poem “How do I love thee? (Sonnet 43)” were about television,…


These plus-size fashion bloggers have bangin’ aesthetics and must-read blogs

Some people have the misconception that plus-size fashion blogs are a niche market; that they…

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Talking to Luke Goodsell, whose genius Tumblr captures teen bedrooms in movies and TV

Luke Goodsell is a genius who has been posting stills from film and tv teens’…