500 Days Of Summer
500 Days Of Summer

What you learn from being in a new relationship

Some relationships can bring you a world of bliss, while others can feel like an…


Let’s examine the pros and cons of Googling your date

To Google or not to Google. That is the question. But the answer isn’t clear-cut….

Food & Drink

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Little ways to make a long-term relationship feel awesomely new

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#sorrynotsorry: What we need, need, need to stop apologizing for

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Oh, the struggles of being a makeup junkie

I’m a girl who wears makeup. Correction: I don’t just wear it, as in because I…


Subtle signs your first date is going very, very well

Dating can feel like a game and the first date is like poker — you are…


All those things only sisters understand

Having a sister isn’t just having a built-in best friend — it’s more than that….


Movies about girlfriends to watch with your girlfriends

There’s nothing better than a great friendship. Sometimes a close gal pal is all you…


Things we say after a breakup vs. what we really mean

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Empowering ’90s songs that made you love being a girl

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Important life lessons I learned from re-watching ‘The Hills’

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All the things single people are tired of hearing

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8 reasons why old-school cool is always in style

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How To Fall In Love (With Yourself)

When we are in a romantic relationship, we love to the fullest. We show our…