Item of the Day: Eye-Light Your Life With Sugar!

So one of the many things I’m picking up these days are eye makeup. There’s…


Item of the Day: Sugar Sweet n’ Glow Hair Perfume and Shine Spray

I am not a person who wears perfume. For a minute when I was 11,…


Open Letter to Crop Tops

Dear Places That Sell/Make Crop Tops, When you’re my age, you can be an “early…


An Interview with Tavi Gevinson, Our Favorite Rookie

What can I say about Tavi Gevinson that you don’t already know? That she’s awesome?…


The Book of Jezebel: An Interview with Anna Holmes

I was excited to speak to Anna Holmes, the founder of Jezebel, for many reasons….


A Chat with Uncle Kornicob

Recently, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity the interview Luke Korns and Chris…


5 More Celebrity Instagrams You Ought To Be Following

As many of you know, I love INSTAGRAM. It’s my favorite way to keep up…


The Academy: Game On

This is the first book review I have ever written. Something you should know about…


12 Ways To Embarrass Me

Ever since I started using acronyms and, also, being in the world, I’ve noticed that…


Matt Smith: MY Favorite Doctor

For those of you who did not know, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan….


Speech Writing 101

In one’s lifetime, you may have gone to a few Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, graduations or…


5 Ways Wonder Woman Is Changing My Life

I was in school on a rainy day, and my teacher put on an old…


A Tween Wants To Know: Why Are We Calling Each Other Sluts?

I was recently on WeHeartIt and I came across a post that said: I was…


How Not to Choke Your Significant Other Via the Internet

You’ve seen it happen. Your friend gets a new boyfriend or girlfriend and all of…


Cameron Palatas Is Gonna Get A Lot More Famous

If you’re a comedy nerd or a youtube addict, you’ve heard of Bo Burnham. Well,…

Food & Drink

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6 More Reasons to Say Thank You, Amy Poehler

There are so many reasons to thank Amy Poehler: Smart Girls at the Party, Leslie…


The Awkward Show with Ruby Karp is LIVE TONIGHT- 5pm PT/ 8pm ET!

The Awkward Show with Ruby Karp will be streaming LIVE tonight at 5pm PST/8pm EST. This week, Ruby is…


Let’s Celebrate! Today is International Women’s Day

Well, we should be celebrating women every single day, and I think you will agree….