how to talk to family about racism

Raven Ishak

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From the fire sign that provides anxiety to the water sign that's a surefire match.
"Would you say, 'You look like shit today' to a friend? So don't do it yourself."
"I was told by so many doctors that I was making it up in my head."
It's time to take action, thanks to Cancer season.
An astrologer breaks down her complete guide to this cosmic transit.
Female gamers are often under-recognized and discredited within their male-driven industry, but we're closing the gap. Nearly 41 percent of all gamers in the United States are women. That's why this month, we're highlighting the women who are changing the gaming industry in The Game Plan. Here, we're giving you expert advice on gaming systems, a look into the world of E-girls, and the surprising ways gaming can affect your mental health. Play on.
Because having a stress-relieving hobby shouldn't cost you your life's savings.
From astronauts to space engineers, here's how these women are showing new generations a path to space.
She deserves the perfect gift, after all.
"It's about educating [yourself] and celebrating it with them and letting them feel heard."
With the new CDC mask mandate, the updated data states some changes to your outdoor activities.
Whether she needs more sleep or loves to wear jewelry, these present will be perfect.
The event is this Sunday, so it's time to plan your at-home event.
"Carving out time for self-pleasure is one of many ways women can hold space to cultivate their life force."
"The goal is to move through these disruptions with greater clarity, understanding, and empathy."
Alyssa Carson talks mental health, women in Stem, and studying to be an astronaut.
Blake Newby talks self-care and her journey with mental health as a beauty writer.
"I was waking up with massive headaches, numbness in my hands and odd parts of my body."
Plus, the four affordable options you can shop now.
"It's okay to be who you are. I am proud of who I am, and what I am doing."
Sorry, but you're properly disposing of batteries completely wrong.
Tip 6: Avoid any statement that places responsibility on the victim.
"I think most of us simply learn nothing about hormones and move through life never knowing what signs would indicate an imbalance."