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"I think it's really important for people to see how words actually affect people."
Chrissy Teigen's recent return to Twitter sparked Legend's conversation on the topic.
"People [need to] understand the gravity of this movement and honor the reason why it was created."
They always encourage their children to be their true selves.
Lizzo gave *us* a gift during her birthday month!
"I'm not that girl anymore. But at the same time, I have to honor that young girl."
The mommy-daughter duo wins our hearts once again!
Liu believes in having a "sense of openness with your body."
She's attempting to "not worry about people not understanding" her these days.
"That's my name. It's always been my name. I'm taking back what's mine."
"You can imagine how incredibly difficult it was for us to do this without Cam."
Beyoncé also shared a rare glimpse of twins Rumi and Sir on Instagram.
Page said it's the "highest honor" to receive this NAACP Image Award.
"Anyone that knows me knows that I do things from the heart."
"We are all strengthened and inspired by you."
A future with Gorman as U.S. president sounds like the dream.