Natalie Rodriguez

Natalie Rodriguez is a writer, filmmaker, and mental health and trauma advocate based in Los Angeles, California. In 2014, she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in TV-Film from CSU Fullerton. A few months after graduation, she was also a freelance screenwriter for videos on "Opposing Views and Now This," which received over one million views. Other past job experiences included an internship at "Conan" and Mandalay Pictures during her junior and senior year of college, working at the offices of producers, Matthew Rhodes, David Zelon, and Academy Award-winner, Cathy Schulman. Recently, she was part of the producing team for a TV show at the CBS lot. Recently, her TV sizzle, "The D," premiered at the Indie Night Film Festival; her feature film sizzle, "The Extraordinary Ordinary," also passed the first round at NALIP: Latino Lens; and her short film, "Howard Original," made its North America debut at the Culver City Film Festival as well as passed the first round at Oregon Short Film Festival. She wrote, directed, edited, and was the director of photographer on the project. Her other writing projects have been published and featured on many websites including Amazon Books (The Stray Branch: pgs. 236-253, Fiction: "Inner Child") & Dime Show Review: pgs. 40-44, Tribe section: "Apricots"), All Women Stalk, Anxiety Resource Center, The Huffington Post, Zooey Deschanel's Hello Giggles, The Mighty, GoDaddy, TheRichest, TheTalko, TheThings, and Writer's Weekly. Some upcoming publications include an excerpt from her Young Adult/Commercial crossover novel, "Elephant," on HEAL(er) Mag. Natalie's extensive background in film includes screenwriting, directing, producing, and editing. Her film projects have been featured on Funny or Die and the Fictional Café. Some of her other screenplays and films have placed in the final rounds at the Athena Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Culver City Film Festival, Hollywood Screenplay Contest, IndieFEST Awards, Indie Night Film Festival, Oregon Short Film Festival, Script Pipeline, Table Read My Screenplay - Austin Film Festival, CSU Media Arts Film Festival, and more. Recently, she founded her own production company, Extraordinary Pictures, with its first feature film in production called, "The Extraordinary Ordinary." The film is about three college students, their history of mental health, and the road to healing and recovery through the arts. The film will star Maddison Bullock (Ice the Movie), Ana Marte (Get It Girl), John Posey (Lucifer), and Alex Montalban (My Dinner with Herve). Natalie wrote the screenplay and is directing as well as the executive producer on the film project. Currently, her Young Adult manuscript, "Elephant," is in consideration with a publishing house and a few literary agents. Other projects include the book adaptation of her feature film, "The Extraordinary Ordinary," and a children's story called, "Matty Cat."