Barely Blair is totally ready for Valentine’s Day

Here are Blair’s elaborate plans for the big day. Follow Barely Blair @momowelch


Barely Blair: Some spirit animals are actual spirits

He only comes back for wet food and he keeps yelling YOL9 instead of YOLO….


Barely Blair never shares desserts

It was technically her second dessert. At no time will she ever share her dessert….

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Barely Blair isn’t taking Netflix for granted

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How Barely Blair experiences the human touch

You have to find a way to experience human touch without Tinder. Barely Blair is…


Barely Blair: The lie I tell myself every year

26.2 miles would really cut into my Storm Stories marathon. Follow Barely Blair on Instagram (@momowelch).

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Barely Blair: Blair weighs in on the joys of the holidays

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A home for the holidays survival guide by Blair

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