Barely Blair can barely contain herself

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Why Barely Blair doesn’t take her mom’s dating advice

Only ask your mom for dating advice if you’re absolutely out of options! Follow Blair…


Barely Blair: Everyone’s addicted to pumpkin

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Teen (obsolete)

Barely Blair on that glorious time of the month

It comes every month but I forget every month. Being a woman is fun. Follow…


Barely Blair: All therapy is physical

I came all the way here. Please fix my problems and feed me snacks. Follow…

Home & Decorating

Barely Blair: The art of living (alone)

Hi. I’m Blair. I live alone. Not in a rich way but in a “I just…


Barely Blair on ending the night right (with pizza)

Nothing feels better than getting home to your cat, watching Netflix and feeling soothed by…


Barely Blair gets paid to check social media. . .sort of

Working 9 to 5 with 40 bathroom breaks. That’s Blair’s workday for you. Follow Blair on IG…


Barely Blair is embracing summer like a boss

Throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don’t care….


Barely Blair has barely any money left after wedding season

This is why 50% of the gifts I give are from my kitchen. Follow Blair…


Barely Blair knows all we want is a nap


Barely Blair is so ready for the new season of OITNB

Netflix marathons are the only marathons you can eat corn dogs at and still finish….

TV Shows

Barely Blair: Listen, Mom will always be my emergency contact

Who do you call when you are sick? Not my best friend. She’s worthless in…


Barely Blair is annoyed with everyone on Facebook

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TV Shows

How Barely Blair celebrates “bikini season”

There are FOUR seasons. Not five. Don’t believe what the magazines tell you. “Bikini Season”…

TV Shows

Barely Blair resents some things she learned in school

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Barely Blair: Netflix or bust

This person I don’t know is more reliable than any ex who would likely change…

TV Shows

How Barely Blair celebrates April Fools’ Day

Blair always begins to listen to her friends (all named Stacey) talk about their gluten…


Barely Blair will probably choose a pizza app over Tinder, just saying

Kevin is for sure on his way. Swipe right for supreme happiness.

TV Shows

Barely Blair doesn’t think her mom should be an author

Meet Blair’s mom. She almost always forgets Blair isn’t twelve anymore and although she is…