Maria Sol

A milliner and apparel designer born in Argentina, Maria Sol traded a career in fashion in Buenos Aires for a bartending gig in subarctic Canada. Living in the picture-perfect town of Dawson City, Yukon, she has found herself a place in the world where all of her wildest dreams come to life (and some nightmares too!). When she is not at her job being basically the female version of Tom Cruise in the movie "Cocktail", she loves to pursue her interests in hat making and cooking, as well as being the bonafide crazy cat lady who has been running the Dawson City Cat Show for 5 years. She also knows all the words to the "Top That" rap from Teen Witch and is not afraid to put that in her resume.Aurora Borealis, bears, cabin fever, poutine and frozen pipes are the subject matter of her comedy blog Boreality Bites http://borealitybites.tumblr.com/