You might feel confused about how to move forward with certain goals.
Expect to have a better balance with life.
This water sign needs a profession where they can rule with an iron fist.
You may feel forced to make fast decisions—but don't forget to slow down.
Your approach to love will be super romantic.
Communication will be clear and concise.
This water sign will vet every date before committing.
It's been two years since this planet has been in this sign.
Emotions will be heightened during the next 30 days.
This fire sign will want a passionate present, whereas this earth sign will want an indulgent gift.
You're being forced to find your middle ground.
Expect your confidence to be knocked down.
Are you a sensitive soul or an impulsive decision-maker? You can blame this part of your chart.
Expect to struggle with communication in the coming weeks.
This fire sign likes passion, whereas this water sign likes long kisses.
Expect to rebuild your life from the ground up.
Passion will be in the forefront of your relationships.