What You’ve Been Told About Hair Color Is Wrong

I know what you’re expecting this post to be: me railing against box color and…


What Nobody Tells You About Going Red

Making the decision to color your hair red is exactly like making the decision to…

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Beauty rules to break In 2016

My favorite trend on the horizon for 2016 is the attitude that you should do…

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Secret salon services that might not be on the menu

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Everything you need to know about hair chalking

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The bob is back (not that it ever went away)

Truth: the bob is one haircut that never goes out of style. From the the…


In praise of pastel (and how to find your perfect shade)

We have been seeing pastel hues in hair color for a couple years now. Kylie…

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The latest beauty trend is all kinds of good for you

Sulfates are synthetic cleansing agents that create the lather you see and feel in shampoos….

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Rad advice for anyone who dreams of working in fashion and beauty

I recently read Diane Von Furstenberg’s newest book, The Woman I Wanted To Be. It’s…

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20 ways to use hair elastics

Hair elastics are to beauty what glitter is to crafting. They seem to end up…


I think I’ve found the secret to a kick-ass hair day

We all know that trends come and go when it comes to beauty. One day…

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All your random questions about hair salon etiquette, FINALLY answered

The salon can be a really fun place to relax, get away from life for…

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Vintage hairstyling tips that will make you look like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe

Our grandmothers really knew what was up when it came to styling hair. I remember when…

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Turn hat hair to FAB hair with these cool tricks

About this time of year, my dreams of palm trees and tropical drinks are in…

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A hairstyle guide for all your fancy holiday party needs

If you’re anything like me, you love a good holiday party. What’s not to love…

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This is the real reason why your shampoo stopped working

The perfect shampoo. It gives your hair body, bounce and shine. It’s your secret weapon…

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I tried out three DIY hair treatments, and here’s what happened

Full disclosure: I have never been an advocate for DIY hair treatments. But this week,…

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We’re obsessed with these groovy, ’70s-inspired hairstyles!

Everything old is new again. At least that’s what you’d think if you were watching…

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You want Zooey’s new bangs? We can make that happen

By this point in the game, we all know that Zooey D. is the quintessential…

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10 skin care myths we’ve finally debunked

I remember watching my grandmother get ready for bed when I was a little girl….