Smile! The TSA Might Want to Instagram Your Junk

Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog — did this Fourth of July just fly…


You Are Now Free To Pee During a Movie

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She’s A Man Eater: Watch Out, Boy! She’ll Chew You Up

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Is This How Humans Will Look In The Future?

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Why You Should Give Your Breasts a Squeeze

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We Need To Talk About Typos

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Man Survives Freak Pineapple Attack

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Cicadas?

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Are 3D Printers the Play-Doh of the Future?

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The Battle of Evolution and Creationism Rages On


Annie Dressner: American Folk Singer-Songwriter Invades UK Music Scene

Annie Dressner isn’t your typical singer-songwriter. While some of her millennial contemporaries look to YouTube…


Humans Come In All Shapes and Sizes

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The Real Price of Fame: A Shorter Life Expectancy?

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Could Nutella Be the Next Hot Commodity?

Gloria Steinem defended a very pregnant Kim Kardashian against the “fat-shamers” out there, the world…


Segregation Is All Around Us

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Parents Complain After Teacher Says “Vagina” During Sex-Ed Class And Other Weird News Of The Week

Happy Easter and a chag sameach to those observing Passover! While the new pope quickly…


Backstabbing, Headlocking, iPad Stealing and WHAT?!

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb….


Multi-Transplant Patient Gives Birth to a Miracle

It started with Popcorn Lover’s Day. Then somewhere in between, we acknowledged that everything you…


Does NYC’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign Cross the Line?

It’s time to “spring forward,” which basically means you’re sacrificing one hour of sleep for…

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Police Arrest Man For Craving a Hamburger?

Are you over being forced to choose between Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence? Well, it’s…