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8 summer BBQ recipes for your vegetarian bestie

Summer eating is the highlight of the year. Well, the highlight of the year tied…


3 Haiku: Amelia Earhart

It was reported this week that the search for Amelia Earhart’s lost aircraft will continue next…


3 Haiku: Travel

1. Always in transit or at least that’s how it seems. Travel bug at heart….


3 Haiku: Change

1. The leaves falling look like change and smell like change and mean it’s time…


3 Haiku: Back To School.

1. Now we’re back to school. So, you should meet me at the bleachers after…

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3 Haiku: Wine-ku!

1. The only way to get through a tough day is to drink a little…


3 Haiku: End of Summer

1. Taking sweaters to the beach to catch the last few big summer sunsets. 2….


3 Haiku: Astrology

1. You asked for my sign but an autographed napkin isn’t what you meant. 2….


3 Haiku: Road Trip

1. We drove West for days through mountains, canyons and clouds city minds forget. 2….


3 Haiku: My Closet

1. I will save all my old denim in case I need to paint or…

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3 Haiku: Food-ku

1. Nutella. What else can I say to you but this: I want you, baby…


3 Haiku: Summer Redux

1. Waking up, I can stil hear the waves crashing on my favorite shore. 2….

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3 Haiku: Fate

1. Do I pity you? No, Karma will have its way. I won’t waste nice…


3 Haiku: Parallel Universe

1. What is we exist in a different plane or something much better. 2. In…


3 Haiku: Things You Told Me

1. You once told me that I had nice eyes and really I took that…

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3 Haiku: Weddings

1. Walk down the aisle? Let’s skip to cake and dancing when it’s my big…

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3 Haiku: Out West.

1. Guess I’ll move out west because traffic is better than snow parking bans. 2….


3 Haiku: Space!

1. Exploring other worlds is so much less scary than a good first date. 2….


3 Haiku: Summer, finally.

1. Summer feels like this: Seeing your best friend after years of being gone. 2….

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3 Haiku: Say Cheese!

1. What kind of party is this? I don’t see any Brie or Camembert. 2….