I blame it on the retrograde

A lot of us saw the change of the year as a opportunity to change…


The simple thing I resolve to do this year

I have very simple resolutions this year. For the most part 2015 was pretty good…


Getting up early to be late

Now that winter is upon us, that means dark cold mornings. The only way I…


That one part of adulting I still can’t get used to

Making appointments, calling the bank, or doing other things that I’m used to having my…


What I am seriously thankful for this year


Is it just me or is texting super stressful?

TV Shows

What payday feels like for me

Maybe it’s because I’m still in my twenties but I still hope for the payday…


This Halloween I’m going to think I’m awesome

Keeping things simple this year. Happy Halloween.


Here’s the real reason I can’t sleep

I think we’ve all been a victim to staying up too late on social media…


An illustrated ode to October

What can I say. These past few months have been overwhelmingly crazy. But as the…


Hair DIY woes

I am an avid YouTube watcher. There is something so satisfying about watching a playlist…


This is what I feel like doing when I’m really overwhelmed. Anyone else with me?

I had another comic planned for this week, but I posted this sketch I did…


Labor day weekend plans are as follows

I’m not doing nothing, that’s right, nothing. Happy labor day friends! Want to read a…


The most exciting part of my day

We all have rituals. Habits we perform everyday that we look forward to. But honestly…


A message from your skinny jeans

As fall approaches, trend reports are rolling in. The headliner this year is that skinny jeans are out…


Humidity vs. my hair: The struggle is real

Whether your hair is straight, curly, short or long, I’m sure we all know how…


Sometimes I feel like the oldest fangirl

I’ll be honest, I spend far too much time on Tumblr and social media to…


My eyebrow situation in the summer = off fleek

Over the past few years my eyebrow grooming game has gone to the next level….


My battle with my bladder

Every morning I have this battle, but to no surprise my bladder always wins. Perhaps…


The (illustrated) four stages of accepting rejection

As an artist not everything goes my way. I don’t get every client, I don’t…