Amanda Kohr

Amanda is a playwright, freelance writer, and editor living in Echo Park, Los Angeles. She loves spontaneous explorations of small towns, diner coffee, and campfires. Find her @cozycaravan or via her website,

"He's not blatantly breaking any of the rules we established, but I know he thinks I'm being overly cautious."
"In the days apart, I miss her so much that it hurts."
"I found out that she was hanging out with another group of friends, indoors and without masks."
"I thought sex was supposed to be this amazing thing...but I definitely prefer to get off on my own."
"I feel tempted to go back to a career I hate."
There could be four reasons why this is happening.
Don't worry—you're not alone in feeling this way.
"I’ve never even had a crush on a woman—until recently."
Just because you can label yourself doesn't mean you have to.
There's no one-size-fits-all answer.
From utilizing old connections to joining virtual groups.
If you're questioning your job right now, here are some actionable steps you can take.