10 Best Things About Being Single

I am currently not single, and I’m not trying to be — I love my…


Item of the Day: ‘Dead Dad’

Dead Dad is a great little indie film that has all of your classic indie…


Item of the Day: ‘Chill Out’ Cat Sweater by Glamour Kills

Sometimes, I’m going through my day and all of a sudden it hits me: I…


The 10 Best Gifs Of 2013

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Favorite Christmas Songs that Are Actually Kind of a Bummer

Christmas songs are either jolly and silly or somber and holy, but sometimes they can…

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Gifts For The Mad Men Lover

Mad Men is still on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean its fans are. To get…


Item of the Day: Nik Stone Nail Ring

This ring was once a nail. Like the kind you use with a hammer. And…

Food & Drink

Item of the Day: Maestro Dobel Tequila

I like a tequila so smooth, I feel like I’m on a boat and I’m…


ITEM OF THE DAY: The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook

Cookbooks are my JAM, lately. Pun…intended? Who knows, I haven’t made jam yet, but anything…


Item Of The Day: Nicolas Cage Eye Shadow

Nicolas Cage was recently voted the #1 best actor in the world by China (USA Today)….


10 Animals You Wish You Didn’t Know About

Apparently there is a type of fish that exists in the world that is known…


The 5 Worst Things You Could Be Asked To Do At A Job Interview

Job interviews are hard. Even getting job interviews are hard. So when Alan Bacon, 21, was asked…


Item of the Day: Debut Album From Dresses

I love discovering new music. This discovery was sent along by a friend of mine….


5 People Who Would Be Psyched About Finding Area 51

Area 51, the long whispered about alien central secret CIA base, has not only been…


How To Survive An Apocalypse In 5 Steps

Apocalypse is big business. Seems like everyone wants to have their say about how and…


10 Worst Vacation Nightmares

Vacations are beautiful things. My favorite vacations are ones that give me an excuse to…


9 Writers And Musicians Who Used (Sometimes Weird) Pen Names

JK Rowling blew the socks off everyone when it was revealed that she wrote a…


The H.R. 1797 Anti-Abortion Bill Is a Nightmare That May Come True

H.R. 1797 is a bill that is in favor of banning abortion care after 20…


5 Rad ’90s Themed Parties

’90s themed parties are booming now that we’re all in our twenties. And by ’90s,…


Let’s Talk About Bathing Suit Anxiety

To the girl who feels way too self conscious to let your friends see you in a…