A Simple Way to Start Feeling Happier

Since turning 18 I have tried blindly to assist more unhappy friends turn their frown upside…


The Power of Puppy Love

I have a newborn. Nope, it’s not a brother or sister for my daughter Ivy,…


Challenge: Find Inspiration in the Everyday

So I recently reopened my little online spiritual magazine and I promised to publish a Daily Inspiration….


Is That Flat Tire a Message From the Universe?

So often in the world of Spirituality, I hear the following phrase: “Life doesn’t send…


Change Your Life: Letting Go and Taking Control

As a spiritual author I often find that I’m telling people to let loose, release,…


Top 5 Spiritual Happiness Essentials

A spiritual life need not require mantras at dawn and daily yoga on the beach….


Learning to Let It Be

Let it go, let it be, release, relax, stop worrying, chill. How often are you…


Spiritualize Your New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions are the easiest things in the world to break. In fact, breaking…


Making Friends with My Wrinkles

I am sat in a red dress, with hastily applied make up waiting for a…


Pick Your Battles and Breathe

Too often we allow anger, overreaction and plain old frustration to get the better of…

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Intuition, Ignore Her At Your Peril

For some time now I have been ignoring my intuition on a certain subject, and…


A Guide to the Voices in Your Head

It’s not for me to suggest that you are suffering multiple personality disorder, but rather…


When Kate and I were BFFs: My Soulful Momma Advice to Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Last night I dreamt that Kate Middleton was my next door neighbour and that she…


Are you ‘Baby Ready’? How To Have a Soulful and Transformative Pregnancy

A year ago I gave birth to my very first child, a fact captured and…


You are Delusional – Buddhism and Getting Happy

It’s sad to say that delusional thinking is one of the key elements of dissatisfaction…


Is There a Monster Under Your Bed? Lessons From a 7-Year-Old

I recently spent the afternoon with my beautiful 7-year-old friend. Out of the blue, she…


Spiritual Life Tips Even An Atheist Will Love

In my spiritual explorations, I have found that much wisdom and wondrousness can be found…

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Loving Your Body In Spite of Your Mind

Society encourages us to be healthy, but at the same time, the underlying message is…


An Easy Guide to Learning 21st Century Tarot Cards

“Tarot for me is like an infinitely sensible best friend…It takes into account what is…


Using Your Head To Mend Your Broken Heart

Relationships are a minefield. Yet within this minefield, there is massive room for learning. Heartache…