I followed internet advice for how to overcome my shyness and this one thing worked

I can’t afford therapy so one of my favorite hobbies is perusing the net for…


I followed internet advice on how to flirt, you can probably guess what happened next

There are several times in my life where I’ve flirted unsuccessfully: -Age 5, when I…


Songs to Make You Feel Great About Yourself NOW!

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The delicate art of “subgramming” on Instagram

Hi, my name is Ali, and I am an Internet expert. Okay, not really. But…


It’s OK to cry in public — like REALLY cry

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14 Unconventional Questions to Ask on a First Date

I’m a bit of a dating expert. Whoops, sorry, had a typo there. I meant…


I’m Afraid of the Bug in My Room (and Other Reasons Why I’m Not an Adult Yet)

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The Art of Decoding Tricky Texts

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When Parents Become People

Growing up, my mom picked me up at the bus stop at 3:15pm, every day,…


I’m Happy Being Single!

I love being single.  There, I said it.  Is that okay?  Why do I sometimes…


“How Meditation Made Me Less Bitchy”

I’ve always been more bitchy than blessed, more frozen yogurt than yoga.  I’ve scoffed at…


Songs That Define Womanhood: Girl Power Anthems

I express love through mix CDs. I think it’s a really thoughtful (and easy) way…


I Dare You To Date Yourself

It dawned on me the other day that I’ve been single for nearly an entire…

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Have The Urge To Surge? Think Twice Before You Uber

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Date Traumatic Stress: How To Avoid It

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Office Romances: Should They Be Totally Off Limits?

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What I Learned About Friendship From 5th Graders

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Do Babies Cuddling Puppies Make You Feel Some Kinda Way?

My uterus is freaking out. Have you all seen the pictures of this adorable blonde…

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Did Your Childhood Icons Make You Weird? Mine Did

I’m from the TV generation: the ’90s. As soon as I got home from school…