My dad died right after my first novel was published

Man makes plans, and God laughs. It’s overused and clichéd, but it’s true.  And if…

Money & Career

So you want to self-publish a book. Here’s what I learned from experience.

In 2006, I came up with (what I felt was) a brilliant idea for a…


After 25 years apart, a YouTube movie trailer reunited these long-lost twins

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This pup’s reaction to his brother is something all siblings can relate to

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That time I accidentally acted in a foreign film

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Why the viral phenomenon of “realistic Disney Princesses” matters

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“I was a size 6 model and told to go ‘plus-size'”

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Mo’ne Davis responds to her online bully in the best way possible, is an inspiration to us all

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Why every woman should be paying attention to UFC 184

I’ll be the first to admit that mixed martial arts is not for everyone. It’s…


Ways to beat the winter blahs because that’s a thing


Little tricks for learning a new language that nobody teaches you in school

I married into an Argentine family.  My husband is a first-generation American on his mother’s…


Problems we overly empathetic types know all too well

Being empathetic is a great thing. Sometimes it feels like the world is in short…