Australians lost their minds (and bought ALL the food) at this In-N-Out pop-up

In-N-Out may be primarily located on the west coast of the U.S., but its burgers are loved all over the world. And for good reason — is there anything better than a nice, juicy In-N-Out burger? Apparently not, because when the restaurant company opened a temporary pop-up on Wednesday at a bar called Dead Ringer in Sydney, Australia, they sold out CRAZY fast.

The pop-up was opened for four hours, and even though it only opened its doors at noon, a line — see also: eager mob — started forming in the early morning. Why? Because the hungry Australians knew that there would only be “300-ish” double-burgers available, according to Mashable Australia. . . and everyone had their eyes on the prize: a cheesy, delish burger of their own.

In-N-Out anticipated the craze and gave out wristbands to the 300-ish lucky people, and thus, the line was cut off at 11:10 a.m. That’s right: The pop-up stand sold out before it even opened.

According to Mashable, the first people in line were newlyweds Lauren and Matthew Smith, who had been waiting since 7:20 in the morning. For them, the burgers had extra meaning. “We just got married three months ago, and on our honeymoon, we had In-N-Out in San Francisco and we loved it,” Lauren told Mashable. “The moment we saw it was coming, we dropped everything. Get there, have another burger.”

Even after the line was cut off, people kept on showing up to grab a burger.

Aussies were pretty darn pumped to get their fix, and many took to Instagram to show pics of their drool-worthy burgers (and their long journey to get them):

People in parts of America without the chain were feeling pretty salty, though, that Aussies got to experience the In-N-Out before they did.

We know In-N-Out is west coast only, but *maybe* they should consider opening up a permanent stand in Australia, because we’re pretty sure they’d make a killing. (Also, one on the east coast for this very hungry writer, please and thank you.)

(Images via Twitter.)