Allow this Australian senator to demonstrate how to shut down men interrupting you at work

An Australian Senator is so good at shutting down men who interrupt her, she might as well teach a master class.

Senator Penny Wong was speaking in the Senate on Wednesday when her colleague, Ian MacDonald, attempted to interrupt her — twice.

"Senator MacDonald really does have an unhealthy obsession with me. But I digress, coming back to the question at hand," she commented lightly.

The call-out successfully stopped MacDonald’s interruption without offering any acknowledgment of what he said. Wong immediately continued discussing the matter at hand, not giving her interrupter a chance to speak.

Moments later, someone tried to interrupt her again, and Wong skillfully deployed the same tactic.

"You're not my type either, mate, don't worry about it," she threw back, once again moving on so fast that her interrupter couldn't even get a word in.


Wong has a strong history of refusing to take crap from her fellow politicians and colleagues.

When the Attorney General of Australia, George Brandis, criticized the way she worded a question at a hearing in 2016, Wong was quick to clap back: 

"Would you just like to be pompous for the whole day, or only for this question?" she asked.

In all seriousness: Manterrupting is real, with multiple surveys and studies confirming that men interrupt women at dramatically higher rates than women interrupt men.

Raise a glass to all the women like Penny Wong who refuse to stand for it.