The Australian police are looking for Bill (and we’re LOLing)

If you’ve been on the Internet at ALL the past couple days, you had to have noticed the “Be Like Bill” meme — in other words, a passive-aggressive stick figure that has been taking over the Internet in the most annoying way possible, IMHO. While it appears to have started last year, the Bill meme has taken our Facebook pages by storm over the past weekend, especially after the site allowed users to create their own personalized memes.

Essentially, it’s a way for people to highlight things that annoy them, and while it was initially funny, the insane popularity has just started to make it seem entirely passive-aggressive, and a lot of people are starting to hope it falls by the wayside like Doge, planking, and pretty much every other viral meme. But there’s one “Be Like Bill” adaptation that we’re totally loving. . . by the Australian police.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS), who are known for being hilarious on Facebook, recently posted a picture of this mysterious “Bill” character. Turns out you shouldn’t be like Bill after all, because he’s wanted by the police.

“Queensland Police are searching for a man with a very slight build, dark hat and no nose who has been repeatedly disturbing people’s timelines,” they wrote in the Facebook post. “He answers to the name Bill.”

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