Here’s a bunch of people rolling down a hill because that’s something you need to see today

Today in awesome silly civil disobedience, a bunch of Australian citizens protested the government by rolling down a giant grassy hill in Canberra. How is that a protest, you might ask? Apparently, the government wants to build a fence to block access to this giant hill and other government property. People did not like this, because people like having access to giant hills and not being told what to do. So in retaliation, the people decided to exercise their right to use of public space however they see fit. The protestors dubbed it the “democracy roll” and got to, well, rolling.

And lucky for us, people took video of it, and it is pretty amazing!

Be the change you want to see in the world, especially if that change is rolling down a hill with a bunch of strangers. And make sure you take a camera!

Even some pups got involved, which we’ve got to say is pretty much the cutest one-up to this protest that we were not expecting!

According to Mashable, the democracy roll was supposed to be just a small jokey protest among friends, but it quickly “rolled” out of control, and hundreds of people showed up.

We are super into this silly (but effective) protest and wish the democracy rollers the best of luck in their democracy rolling efforts! Hopefully, this will become a trend and we’ll all see this happening around the world for different types of protests. Honestly, this is seriously so amazing!