There’s a weirdly specific reason everyone wants to be Austin Powers for Halloween this year

When you think of the Edgar Wright’s musical heist film Baby Driver, you might not be thinking of Halloween. But an Austin Powers reference made in Baby Driver has apparently become one of the hottest Halloween costumes of 2017.

Yeah, baby, yeah!

Earlier this year, Baby Driver raced into theaters with some of the coolest cinematography, chase scenes, and music we’ve seen in a heist film. It might even get a sequel! With distinctive (and relatively easy to pull off) costumes, it’s not *really* a surprise that the film is making a mark on Halloween 2017. But what is surprising is the costume that’s caught everyone’s attention — because it’s probably not what (or who) you would think.


In one of the heists, the plan was for the robbers to use Michael Myers masks from iconic horror film Halloween. But in a hilarious misunderstanding, the team gets masks of *actor* Mike Myers as the title character in Austin Powers. Get it?

Apparently, so many Baby Driver fans were hoping to make the joke this Halloween that the masks have sold out on many websites in the lead-up to the holiday.

But there is one person who had an inkling of the possible Austin Powers mask craze: Baby Driver writer-director Edgar Wright.

"I'm very proud. I feel like through my career, I have given people some very easy Halloween costumes, like Shaun in Shaun of the Dead," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I even mentioned to Warner Bros. that they may ship a lot of masks at Halloween, and I think that's exactly what's happened." 

Not only that, but there are still plenty of people dressing up like Baby himself this Halloween:

Baby Driver isn’t in theaters anymore, but you can pick up a copy now and hey, maybe watch it this holiday for costume research and/or as a spooky alternative.

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