An Austin theater is hosting showings of “Jaws” on the water, and Twitter is absolutely terrified

If watching thriller movies in locations that optimize the realistic and relevant aspects of them sounds like fun to you, then you should probably go to Austin, Texas this summer. Birth.Movies.Death. Events has engineered the scariest Jaws viewing party — on the water — with its annual event that invites brave souls to watch Spielberg’s shark-attack in Lake Travis. When we say “in Lake Travis” we mean actually in the lake as in FLOATING IN WATER.

As if Jaws isn’t already the scariest movie while watching in bed, snuggled into a fortress of pillows, try watching it while your bum is in a lake! You’re not sure what’s down there, it could be scary faceless fish or, who knows, maybe even sharks! (Okay maybe that’s a bit unrealistic, but can you really be sure?)

Pictures of the Jaws screening event do make it look pretty cool.


But as Twitter users are pointing out, you have to be 100% fearless to do this!

Because really, unlikely as it may be, there COULD be sharks!

Most people wouldn’t want to watch Jaws from any source of water. false

Volunteering to do this is almost the same thing as walking on hot coals with Oprah — that’s how brave you have to be. false

And then there are also just some general logistical concerns.

While sitting in a body of water and watching a horror movie about violent, human-eating water-animals (aka SHARKS) might be some people’s worst nightmares, others might take the opportunity to do some light trolling.

As if there’s not enough to be scared of without someone swimming under you and grabbing your leg!

However, it looks like there are plenty of hunky men at these events to play Martin Brody and help you “Get out of the water!

For all the brave people in Austin who are going to experience the ultimate viewing experience: Good luck, and please don’t fall asleep in your inner tube — because, really, you never know what’s down there.

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